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Rules & Regulations


Participants must be current on their RMA and MA3 memberships.  


No visitors unless preauthorized.

To participate in any archery activities, you must complete an orientation, pay appropriate range fees, and sign waivers.


If children are not participating, they need to be supervised by a designated adult at all times.  Children are not allowed to run freely on the property.


Be responsible for your property.  If you brought it, take it home with you.  Please, don’t leave bows, arrows, clothing or garbage.


Check your equipment.  Arrows should be checked in the beginning and throughout the day.




Must show current MA3 Membership Card to bring a horse on the property.


Before attending any horse related activities, horses must complete a scheduled orientation (fees may apply) and must be able to demonstrate:


     Walk, trot & canter, safely without reins

     The ability to allow another horse to run down the track without reaction from the sidelines

     A desensitization to arrows, bows, golf cart and spot


Breast collars and helmets are highly recommended


Check your tack (headstalls, bits, reins and cinches) before heading down to the range.  


All horse manure must be picked up, shoveled back into horse trailer or put into wheel barrow.


No horses are to be fed in arenas.


If you use an available stall, please clean up your feed and manure.  Turn water bucket upside down.


If you notice an equipment problem or potential problem, please tell the rider immediately.  

All MA3 rules & regulations apply.


Rider Etiquette:


If you are in a group, unless otherwise negotiated, wait until all riders are mounted before walking off.


If your horse bucks, rears or behaves dangerously in any way, you may be asked to dismount and leave the area.   


Keep a safe distance.  Do not allow your horse to bump into other riders or ground crew.  If your horse behaves aggressively, you may be asked to dismount and leave the area. 


It is best to wait at the end of the range until riders have completed their run before going back to the start line, unless otherwise negotiated between riders and crew.


Keep walking, don’t stop at the score keepers table or bridge.  


During events or activities, Darran or Roberta are in charge unless otherwise specified.



Member Etiquette:


Be on time and ready to shoot on days you have committed to.  If at all possible, give 24 hours notice if you will not be attending.


Make time to be at the range early enough to help set up and stay to take down and clean up.


Be polite.  We all have bad days, aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.

Revised Feb 2021

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