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RMA Opening Weekend 2021

Saturday May 22, 2021 

  • Arrive at 9am and park in the marked area in the lower field.  You may drive up to the house to turn around then back into the parking area.

  • Register for RMA $125 (pay on site, cash or check) and MA3 $55, or bring proof of membership.

  • Wavers, please click links below, we will have some packets on site.

  • Tack horses and bring to upper arena. 

  • Ground archery warm up and refresher training at the archery arcade.

  • Horse warm up and desensitizing on the range.

12pm:  Lunch

  • Draw for teams, Team 1 on horses,  Team 2 pulls arrows and learns scoring, then switch.

  • Horse archery training on the Raid Course

Sunday May 23, 2021

  • Arrive at 9am

  • Shooters meeting and draw names for teams 

  • Team 1 shoots the Raid Course as practiced on Saturday.

  • Team 2 pulls arrows and scores.

  • Switch, Team 2 shoots and Team 1 pulls arrows.

  • More archery games and practice.

MA3 Registration

$55 Single     $75 Family

Anyone who shoots on the RMA property must be a member of MA3. 

MA3 Waiver Packet

Click on link for Adult Packet and/or Minor Packet, read then sign. We will have additional waivers on hand if needed.

RMA Registration

$125 Single    $150 Family

Please print and sign waiver then turn in with MA3 waivers to register.

*Please follow all Oregon State and MA3 Covid 19 guidelines.  Your health and safety is of our highest concerns.

What to Bring 

For the Archer

For the Horse

  • Saddle, Western or English

  • Bridle, Bit or Bit-less

  • Breast Collar or Breastplate

  • Feed Bag  

  • Water Bucket

  • Emergency Kit

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