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What You Will Learn
  • Archery Form
  • Speed Loading Technique
  • Thumb Release
  • Three Finger Release
  • Shooting From Horseback

If you have ever seen the sport in person, you would notice the unique individual style as each archer represents their own artistic expression on the range. For that reason, the Rogues take special care not to interrupt your natural style while instructing on how to develop

good form that will function well for you as an individual.

It is also our goal to teach how to prepare for competitive shooting. As competitors ourselves, we know the challenges you will face as you make your way up the ranks. Our experience is earned from hard work, training and learning from our own mistakes along the way. Whatever your style, a soul shooter or a competitive mounted archer, the Rogues are here to help you get started or move to the next level.

Private Lessons

$45 Per Hour*

$40 Per Hour (purchase 2 or more)*


Private Two Day Clinic

Call for Current Pricing


Equipment Rental $20 Per Day

*All participants must be MA3 members prior to the clinics and lessons.  Horse rental is available on a case by case basis.  The cost is an additional $50 per day.

What Happens at a Mounted Archery Clinic
Horse Archery Clinic Prices


Prices vary depending on size and location.  Call for current rates.


Equipment Rental $20 Per Day

Auditing $20 Per Day


All participants must be MA3 members prior to taking part the clinic.


  • Mounted Archery Concepts, Course Set Up and Scoring

  • Ground Archery Training 

  • Horse Desensitizing and Shooting from Horseback 

  • Ground Archery Refresher

  • Ground Games/Horse Desensitizing/Shooting from Horseback

  • Horseback Archery Competition (Time Permitting)

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2016 Blue Lake Clinic