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Hungarian Style Mounted Archery Course

Hungarian w/ Poles

Drawn from the hand or quiver

16 Second time limit

Shoot as many arrows as possible between first and second poles (front shot), then between second and third poles (side shot) and between third and finish line (back shot)

Diagram credit goes to Claire Sawyer from the IHAA & BHAA.  

The Hungarian is recognized by many as being one of the most difficult of the standardized mounted archery styles.  This challenging course requires the archer to shoot as many arrows as possible down the 90 meter track.  Each target changing range as the horse moves forward at speeds anywhere from approx. 14mph up to over 25mph.  The rider must adapt their seat as the side target approaches then finally as they move past the back shot, still shooting until the finish line.  All this and the horse must stay moving straight towards the end of the track.

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