Mounted Archery Horse Certification

In mounted archery, our horses play a huge roll in how well we shoot and how much fun we can have in this sport.  So much time goes into training a good horse, no matter what equestrian discipline you are involved in.  Mounted archery is no different.  At RMA we do our best to provide a safe riding environment for all our members.   In order to participate in any mounted archery activities, you must be a current MA3 and RMA member, waivers must be signed and your horse certified.  We recommend that all members wear helmets whenever riding and  practice basic horse etiquette at all times. To schedule a certification or if you have any questions, please contact Roberta Beene at 541-826-8232.  

The following are requirements to participate in mounted archery at our facility.

  • Desensitize horse to arrows, bow sounds and movements, on the ground as well as in saddle

  • Horse needs to be comfortable with horse running towards, past and away from other horses

  • Horse needs to be comfortable with golf cart, ATV’s, and tractor

  • Walk, trot and canter reinless

  • Horse must be reasonably comfortable with sounds produced by the Qabaq

  • Horse needs to be comfortable with bridge crossing

  • If your horse has kicked another horse, tie a red ribbon on the tail

  • Must be an RMA Member and MA3 Member

Horse Certification


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