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Horse Certification

The following are requirements to participate in mounted archery at our facility.

  • Desensitize horse to arrows, bow sounds and movements, on the ground as well as in saddle

  • Horse needs to be comfortable with horse running towards, past and away from other horses

  • Horse needs to be comfortable with golf cart, ATV’s, and tractor

  • Horse needs to be desensitized to plastic.  Plastic green houses have been built opposite the archery range, horses need to be prepared for the sound of plastic in the wind.

  • Walk, trot and canter reinless

  • Horse must be reasonably comfortable with sounds produced by the Qabaq

  • Horse needs to be comfortable with bridge crossing

  • If your horse has kicked another horse, tie a red ribbon on the tail

  • Must be an RMA Member and MA3 Member to participate.

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