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Mounted Archery Equipment


Horse archery bows are slightly different that other traditional bows you might find in an archery store.  Horse bows traditionally have no rest or shelf.  


You may purchase a Samack SKB directly from us.  The SKB comes with a string that is too wide for the loading method we use, so we also offer a string for $20 that will make shooting so much quicker.


Recommended bows:  


Samack SKB    Cost: $200  w/string

Attilla                   Cost:  $199-$500

Saluki*                 Cost:  $900 +

*By far, Saluki is the superior horse bow on the market.  


Traditionally wooden arrows were used for mounted archery.  Now most horse archers use carbon arrows, as mounted archers are hard on arrows.  Simply put, carbon arrows last longer and are far less expensive in the long run.  

Custom Fletched Arrows:

Custom Color Fletchings

Easton Powerflight 400's

125 Grain Combo Field Tips w/ Inserts


6 Arrows                                               $65
12 Arrows                                           $110

Flu Flu-Each                                         $16

To purchase bows, arrows or equipment, contact:

Darran or Roberta at (541) 826-8232

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