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Competition Accomodations


RMA will provide large cabin tents to share along with camp beds and bedding free of charge for those who would like to stay on site. If you would rather rent a hotel room, the Brookside Inn is just seven minutes away. The cost is approximately $89 per night and we will be glad to provide your transportation.

Food & Beverages


Breakfast daily and dinner on Sunday will be included in the registration fee.  Please bring a water bottle, a water jug will be available throughout the day. 



Horses will be kept in green pastures unless otherwise specified.  Limited paddock and stall space is available for horses with specific needs.


We ask that competitors make the nessesary arrangements to bring their own horse whenever possible.  If you would like to rent or borrow a horse, please make your own arrangements.

Equipment Requirements
  • Hip, Thigh, Back Quiver or Sash

  • 24 Arrows, Some Courses Require Blunt Tips

  • 3 Flu Flu Arrows with Rubber Blunt Tips for the Qabaq

  • Bow with No Shelf or Arrow Rest

To ease operations, we ask that competitors bring at least 24 arrows to the competition.  Please clearly print your name on the arrows.  If arrow pullers cannot make out your name, the score will not count. Arrows will be available for sale on site.  Let us know in advance if will be needing equipment and we will have your order ready for you upon arrival. 

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