Competition Details

The Rogues would like to thank the horseback archery competitors for attending the 2016 RMA Horse Archery Competition.   The official start date was Friday, June 24th and ran through Sunday, June 26th.  We recommend that competitors come at least a day early to settle the horses in and practice.  


The registration fees are $300 per competitor, $150 for non-participating observers. All meals, Lodging  and travel to and from the airport will be included in the registration fee.


If you are flying to the event you may use your flight information as verification of attendance and pay in U.S. Dollars (cash) upon arrival. All others, send a $100 non-refundable deposit (make checks payable to Roberta Beene). The remaining balance can be paid in cash upon arrival. All North and South American residents must be current MA3 Members to participate.

Food & Beverages


All food and non-alcoholic beverages will be included in the registration fee. We will be doing beer runs for those who want to purchase alcohol. Meals will be BBQ meats and vegetables, breakfast will be continental style. If participants have special dietary needs, please let us know on the registration form and we will do our best to accommodate.

Competition Accomodations


RMA will provide large cabin tents to share along with camp beds and bedding free of charge for those who would like to stay on site. If you would rather rent a hotel room, the Brookside Inn is just seven minutes away. The cost is approximately $89 per night and we will be glad to provide your transportation.

Equipment Requirements
  • Hip, Thigh, Back Quiver or Sash

  • 24 Arrows, Two Courses Require Blunt Tips

  • 3 Flu Flu Arrows with Rubber Blunt Tips for the Qabaq

  • Bow with No Shelf or Arrow Rest

To ease operations, we ask that competitors bring at least 24 arrows to the competition. Arrows will be available for sale on site.  Let us know in advance if will be needing equipment and we will have your order ready for you upon arrival.  Costumes/period attire are appreciated, but not required.



Horses will be kept in green pastures unless otherwise specified.  Limited paddock and stall space is available for horses with specific needs.


We ask that competitors make the nessesary arrangements to bring their own horse whenever possible.  However, there will be some club horses available for lease during the competition in special circumstances.​


RMA will not be hosting a competition in 2017.

See you in 2018!  

Horse Archery Competition


Am I ready to compete?​

Horseback archery is a very complicated dicipline, often taking years to master. Everyone starts at the beginning which is why most mounted archers are humble.  At RMA we make it easy by preparing our archers for competition using the MA3 Ranking System as a guide.  To learn more about the ranking system, 

click here.


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