Club Activities

Club Practice

RMA Club Practice Days will be every Sunday, weather permitting. Practice may include training on the ground or on horseback.    Some restrictions do apply, so call ahead.  (541) 826-8232

Spot Night

RMA founder, Darran Wardle, invented The Iron Horse in 2010.  Since then, this exciting experience has been duplicated around the country. Every other Thursday evening, here at the RMA facility in Eagle Point, members come together for fun and practice on The Iron Horse.  It's a great way to train for shooting targets while on the move.  We ask for a small donation of $2 to cover expenses.    

Rank with RMA

Test your skills as a horse archer, then measure your success as you improve.  Members rank for free!


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Parades and Demos


The Rogues participate in many community events.  From fairs to parades we do our best to promote this amazing sport by showing how fun and exciting it can be to shoot arrows from a galloping horse.  

Schedule us at your next event. 

(541) 826-8232

Postal Matches

Postal Matches are usually held every two months.  RMA sets up a course style identical to other clubs in the US and abroad.  Besides being a great way to compete internationally without leaving the home range, Postal Matches give competitors the opportunity to show their true ability while riding their own horse. Postal Matches will be held the last Sunday of the month, fee is $5

Horseback Archery Competitions

The RMA Team comes together once a year to host some of the largest mounted archery competitions in the US.  From Japan to Brazil, competitors from around the world have shared in the friendship and fun.  The proof is in the smiles worn on the faces of so many.  The RMA Volunteers are truly to thank for all of their support.  

2016 NW Horse Expo

The RMA Team came together at this prestigious horse show in Oregon to demonstrate this fun and exciting sport in hopes of inspiring others to get their brave on and give horse archery a try.  The show was a success, in large part because the Rogues work together flawlessly!  Great job team!  We even made the newspaper.  


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