Darran and I were sitting in the stands at the 2008 NW Horse Expo.  The day that changed our lives forever.  As Katie rode by on her beautiful white Arab, Tasha, I felt like I was connected.  For me, watching mounted archery was like falling in love for the first time.  I just knew it was my thing.  By the time we left the fairgrounds that day, we had met Lukas Novotny and ordered our first horse bows.  It was just luck that we both were struck by this beautiful sport.  When we got home we started work on our range.  All these years later, it is still the love of our life.  No matter what happens, we will be here shooting bows and arrows. Thanks to Katie Stearns, Holm Neumann and Lukas Novotny, we are mounted archers.

                                                                                                                      ~Roberta Beene

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Private Instruction


Archery in and of itself is a rewarding sport. When you add horses to the equation it becomes the most challenging and rewarding experience of a lifetime.  Our trainers have learned from some of the most well respected horseback archers in the world.  They are grateful for the opportunity to show others what I have learned and this sport so special.  If you are interested in learning more about this unique style of archery please contact Roberta at 541-826-8232. Lessons start at $45 with your own equipment and $20  if you rent ours.

Our Trainers


Darran Wardle

Darran is an exceptional archer with years of training and is no stranger to the winners circle. His confidence with horses in infectious and his technical eye is a great tool for form. 


Roberta Beene

Roberta worked hard to come up through the ranks to become one of the top females in the country.   That experience gives her the tools to help students achieve whatever their mounted archery goals are.

Our Facilities


Located in beautiful southern Oregon, in the outskirts of Medford and just 15 minutes from an international airport.  RMA has a standard, 90 meter, competitive horseback archery range, along with our ground archery range, is available for use by MA3 Members.  It is a requirement to be a member of The Mounted Archery Association of the Americas to participate in any activities at our facility. 

Our Community


The Rogue Mounted Archers is more than a place to shoot, we are a community of horseback archers dedicated to building this sport and the friendships that grow from it.  


Independently, each archer must overcome obsticles to achieve their goals.  Collectively, we encourage each other to overcome whatever challenge we face and empower each of us to a successful end.  


From clinics to competitions, we work together to make the impossible, possible.  RMA has held the largest horseback archery competitions in the United States two years running.  However, our success is not measured in our achievments, but in the lasting friendships we've gained along the way.

Rogue Mounted Archers
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