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Horse Archery 
Every Sunday 


Every Thursday at 5:30pm
Getting Started


Getting people started in horse archery is the highest priority of the Rogue Mounted Archers. The passion we have for this sport has driven us to competitive levels we had never dreamed of.  Now we would like to share what we have learned from our experiences with those with the courage to try.   

Horse Archery Competitions

RMA will hold regular Postal Matches and local competitions throughout the year.  Competitions will be posted as the dates become available.  

Roberta will be competing twice this year.  The Kassai Open World Cup at the Flying Dutchess Ranch, July 19th-21st and The Wild West Shootout in Scottsdale, AZ, Nove 9th-11th.  

Horse Archery Participants

You must be an MA3 Member and a current RMA Member to participate in any horse-archery activities.  Click below to sign up.

Mounted Archery Clinic
Spot Competition

Spot Competition will be held TBA starting at 10am sharp.  Please come early to help set up.  Courses are to be announced.


Horse Practice Every Sunday, weather permitting.   Once horses have completed orientation they are welcome to come practice on the range.  Ranking/postal matches on the last Sunday of the month.

Spot Night

Every other Thursday from 5:30pm to dark ground archery and Spot practice, no horses.    

Club Events & Activities

Amazon Archers is also an affiliation of the Rogues.  The group is dedicated to the empowerment of women through horseback archery.   Amazon Archers are strong women from around the who know what it means to be brave, shooting bows and arrows off horseback.  Come see what's on the other side of the fire...   

Amazon Archers
MA3 Affiliated Chapter

RMA is an affiliated chapter of the largest horseback archery organization in the United States, The Mounted Archery Association of the Americas. RMA members must have a current MA3 membership card to shoot at the RMA facility.


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